About the Job


The People We Serve

We provide nursing oversight and other support services to people with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities and the agencies, which support them. Nurses who work for DDN become advocates for the care of the individuals they serve. Using our proven system Nurses make an impact on the lives of the people we serve and the teams that support them.  


Advocate and Support

DD/ID nurses are advocates for a very specialized, often times fragile population. They work collaboratively with a team of people to support the individuals they serve. Together they work to ensure that health and well- being of the individual is at that forefront of all decisions and care.  DD/ID Nurses work with a set group of individuals and their families for years at a time. It's not uncommon for DD Nurses to care for some indviduals for decades.  



Community Based Nursing Support

The DD nurse supports adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities in community setting.    The role of the nurse requires sound assessment skills, the ability to make independent decisions within the context of an interdisciplinary team, the ability to incorporate a person-centered approach to assessment and care planning, and the ability to effectively communicate that plan of care through education to the direct care support professional.